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Party Majority PAC works to rebuild Democratic infrastructure from the ground up, continuing tactics that have worked and scrapping what has failed. A new independent expenditure, Party Majority PAC adds to existing efforts while seizing on untapped opportunities to strengthen the Democratic Party in every corner of the country. While there are Democratic super PACs that support efforts to elect candidates to specific offices, no super PAC seeks to support the Democratic Party as a whole. Party Majority PAC fills this void.

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Use the campaign finance laws as they exist, not as we hope them to be

The existing FEC laws allow someone to create an entity that could both take unlimited funds and coordinate with state and national parties. Using this structure for PM means that we’ll be able to make contributions directly to state parties and coordinate on ongoing political efforts

Data is not a goal, it’s a tool to be used to accomplish a goal

Data is only as valuable as it is useable. New organizations need integrated lists to get things done. Donor lists, volunteer lists, supporter lists, political lists, constituency lists all are necessary tools for a modern political operation. 

Analytics are great, but politics matter as well

Building relationships with state party chairs, constituency leaders, county committee members, past delegates and precinct leaders, and leading activists (just to name a few) can seem like an exhausting and thankless task, but these relationships pay dividends when executing a campaign plan.

Grassroots super PACs can have a HUGE impact

“Grassroots super PAC” is not an oxymoron. Previous super PACs have used contributions from major donors to fund the creation of a grassroots supporter and donor networks. They organized and energized people. Super PACs that spend money on TV are great, but TV can only do so much.

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Individuals are motivated across the country and ready to act. Here is a campaign that needs our help today.


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